Our Mission, Vision, and Philosophy

Sierra by the Sea is a premier provider of behavioral health treatment for adults age 18 and older who are coping with substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health challenges. With comprehensive care for men and women at our Newport Beach, California, facility, Sierra by the Sea provides a safe and compassionate retreat to help patients begin their journey toward recovery.

Our Mission

The mission that guides our approach to providing care at Sierra by the Sea in Newport Beach, CA

Sierra by the Sea is committed to providing the latest in evidence-based care in the most individualized manner possible. We strive to offer comprehensive, trauma-informed, medically monitored chemical dependency treatment services for patients who have substance use disorders.

Our goal for every client remains constant: to guide them toward achieving significant improvement in the quality of their life through the reduction or elimination of substance use. Additionally, we hope to see a subsequent decrease in associated health problems and psychopathology.

Our Vision

The vision that guides our treatment approach at Sierra by the Sea in Newport Beach, CA

We aspire to create a world-class organization that sets the standard for excellence in the treatment of addiction and other behavioral health challenges. At Sierra by the Sea, we have developed a continuum of evidence-based treatment that allows our patients to receive best-in-class care at any stage of their recovery from addiction. We strive to maintain our entrepreneurial drive even as we continue to expand our clinical outreach. Our employees enjoy an outstanding workplace environment that encourages them to grow both professionally and personally. By virtue of our success, we will advance the science of treatment and improve the quality of life for every patient who walks through our doors.

Our Philosophy

The core beliefs about recovery that we strive to meet at Sierra by the Sea in Newport Beach, CA

Sierra by the Sea’s philosophy is to provide those who are coping with substance use disorders with a safe, stable, and soothing environment to learn about the effects of drug and alcohol addiction. We believe in offering each patient the opportunity to succeed or fail with dignity. We make every effort possible to help our patients maintain a positive attitude and practice continued abstinence while they work to regain a foothold in their day-to-day lives.

Recovering from substance use disorders is a challenging journey that feels more doable in an environment that tends to each individual’s complex needs and strengths. Our goal is to foster a treatment experience that is built on compassion, hope, and caring, and fueled by excellence in the provision of evidence-based and trauma-informed care.

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