Are the Holidays the Time for Recovery?

It is widely known in rehabilitation centers, the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous and the law enforcement that the holidays tend to trigger the depression and rage of addicts. For this reason we see a rise in relapses and admittance to our rehab. Though some families may feel that the holidays are the most inappropriate time to call out a family member on their addiction it is actually one of the most opportune moments. When the addict is at a low, depressed and in the midst of the chaos of their behavior, they are more likely to be open to treatment.

If you are at the end of your rope, fed up with the addict in your life, please make this holiday a memorable one by getting your loved one help. Counselors and interventionists are more than happy to discuss treatment options with you. If you choose to call, you will speak with an admissions counselor who will guide you through a brief, confidential telephone assessment.

Once the assessment is completed, the admissions counselor will determine the most appropriate level of care for you, either at our facility or elsewhere. If detox or other medical services are indicated prior to admission, the counselor will make all of those arrangements.

Recovering from substance use disorders is a challenging journey that feels more doable in an environment that tends to each individual’s complex needs and strengths. Our goal is to foster a treatment experience that is built on compassion, hope, and caring, and fueled by excellence in the provision of evidence-based and trauma-informed care.

– - Anonymous