Premier Heroin Addiction Treatment Center

Sierra by the Sea offers comprehensive heroin addiction treatment for adults age 18 and older. Features of care at our heroin addiction treatment center in Newport Beach, California, include gender-specific programming, personalized services, and detailed discharge planning to promote long-term success.

Learn About Heroin Addiction Treatment

Important facts about treatment for heroin addiction at Sierra by the Sea in Newport Beach, CA

Recovering from heroin addiction is a long journey. But by finding a treatment program that will meet all your needs, you’re giving yourself the best chance to succeed on the road to recovery.

Making the decision to receive treatment for an addiction isn’t easy. It requires some brave soul searching and the support of those who care about you. But the only way to truly begin healing and put to rest any past pain caused by heroin addiction is to begin treatment.

We have all made mistakes, and many of us long for a time when we will use those slip-ups to make ourselves a better person. At Sierra by the Sea, you will work closely with our team members to create a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan that meets your needs and goals. We will work through the problems of your past and help you build a better life for the future. Our renowned heroin addiction treatment program will allow you to change your way of thinking and move beyond the limitations of heroin use.

In a structured yet nurturing setting, our facility in Newport Beach, California, provides intensive programming to restore your health by catering to your individual situation. In order to best focus on you without finding a one-size-fits-all solution, you need an addiction treatment program that does the same.

Why Consider Treatment at Sierra by the Sea

Why consider getting treatment for heroin addiction at Sierra by the Sea in Newport Beach, CA

Living with a heroin addiction is undoubtedly difficult. You may be having trouble fulfilling many duties from your day-to-day life. You might feel regret and remorse that you are unable to be the mother, father, daughter, son, or friend that you wish to be. We understand it can be problematic to manage many aspects of your life when you’re dealing with a heroin addiction. Struggling with your relationships and responsibilities only becomes more common with each passing day that you aren’t receiving treatment.

At Sierra by the Sea’s specialized heroin addiction treatment center, our team of mental health and addiction experts is with you on your road to recovery every step of the way. Recovering from any addiction is often a lifelong journey. Our team members will help you manage your cravings for heroin and live your life to the fullest.

You may have only dreamed of a day where you could wake up each morning and resume the life you had before becoming addicted to heroin. At Sierra by the Sea, we can make that a reality and give you the support you need to manage your urge to use heroin. By controlling these habits and behaviors, you can get back to what is important to you and spend time with those who matter most.

After seeing the signs of heroin addiction, we encourage you to take the first step in your journey toward a brighter tomorrow by healing with us at Sierra by the Sea. With our comprehensive treatment, you can live a life free from the struggles of using heroin.

Types of Heroin Addiction Treatment at Sierra by the Sea

Types of treatment for heroin addiction at Sierra by the Sea in Newport Beach, CA

We provide trauma-focused care to each individual who comes to Sierra by the Sea to heal from heroin addiction and co-occurring mental health concerns.

At our facility in Newport Beach, California, our staff will help you or your loved one get to the root of your substance use challenges, helping you make the emotional and behavioral changes necessary for long-term healing.

Before you or someone you care about begins heroin addiction treatment at Sierra by the Sea, our specially trained staff will work with you or your loved one to conduct a thorough assessment to determine how we might best meet your current needs.

Depending on that assessment, your care team will develop a personalized treatment plan that might include:

  • Medication management services
  • Experiential therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Detoxification services
  • Basic medical care
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy

We understand that not every treatment modality or therapeutic intervention works for everyone, so we collaborate closely with each individual who comes to Sierra by the Sea for heroin addiction support to create a treatment plan that is tailored to their unique recovery needs. The kind and compassionate staff at our facility in Newport Beach, California, cares for each person on a holistic level, helping them heal their mind, body, and spirit.

Continuing Care for Heroin Addiction Treatment at Sierra by the Sea

Continuing care options for heroin addiction treatment in Newport Beach, CA

When you or someone you care about comes to Sierra by the Sea to heal from heroin addiction, you’ve taken your first steps toward renewed hope and better health. But we understand that substance use disorders are complex illnesses, so recovery is often a lifelong journey.

Your time at our facility in Newport Beach, California, is just one step along your path to recovery from heroin addiction. To ensure that your progress does not end when you leave our facility and that you experience continued success, we will provide you with a personalized discharge plan.

During your time in heroin addiction treatment, you or your loved one will work with a therapist and a case manager on building skills that will help you reintegrate back into your community, prevent relapse, and manage stress in a healthy manner.

When your time at Sierra by the Sea is over, we will recommend continuing care options, which may include step-down treatment in our partial hospitalization program (PHP) or intensive outpatient program (IOP), alumni services, or appropriate outpatient services in your community.

For more information about discharge planning, continuing care after treatment for heroin addiction, or any other addiction treatment services at Sierra by the Sea, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Recovering from substance use disorders is a challenging journey that feels more doable in an environment that tends to each individual’s complex needs and strengths. Our goal is to foster a treatment experience that is built on compassion, hope, and caring, and fueled by excellence in the provision of evidence-based and trauma-informed care.

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